HEY FRIENDS! THIS IS A KICKSTARTER.ORG fundraising project to help raise production costs to film the second and third episodes. I wrote them, and am producing and directing them. There is a very talented cast attached, and we are trying to get everything filmed before the fall. Please help! A little bit (10 bucks) can go a long way! Pledge today before the deadline on my birthday JUNE 16th at 3. If we don’t raise the goal, we don’t get anything, but if we do, and you pledge, then you get some cool show perks!

Witchy Ways is a web series about a girl who moves to Los Angeles after the death of her mother. As she begins to sort out her life in LA, she stumbles across a letter from her mother that tells her that she is a witch. Now following the traditional path that her mother has set out for her, she must navigate the strange world of Los Angeles, as well as set out on a new path of living that will challenge her and her preconceptions of the world around her. Written in the vein of “Practical Magic” the show centers on the study and rituals of the Craft, denying all the sensationalism that is usually heaped on the pagan way of life. As the main character ESME stumbles along, with the help of her familiar, a wise shaman, a protective book shop owner, and some quirky friends; she will learn her witchy ways.

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